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— Indonesian Tapas  —

Tahu Pong — 8
Garlic infused crispy tofu Served with sweet sambal

Balinese Chicken Wings — 10
Grilled wings in a marinade of Indonesian sweet soy sauce and garlic, served with sambal matah

When I Meets I — 11
Ravioli filled with ricotta cheese served with Indonesian ginger chili sauce
(Spinach Ravioli add 2)

Chicken Rendang Bruchetta — 10
Chicken slow cooked in ginger, bay leaf, lemongrass, galangal and coconut milk served on a toasted baguette

“Toba” Sliders — 11
Eggplant rica-rica (garlic, shallots, ginger, tomato) served on a slider bun

Martabak Telor — 9
Crisp crepes filled with minced beef and egg seasoned with coriander, garlic & scallion

Vegetarian Spring Roll — 8
Filled with julienned bamboo shoot, carrot & shallot

Chicken Lumpia — 8
Spring Rolls filled with chicken, bamboo shoot, carrot & shallot

Satay — 10
Skewers of grilled chicken or tofu marinated in “kecap manis”, candlenut, garlic & onion, served with rich and creamy peanut sauce

Summer Gado-Gado — 11
Crisp romaine lettuce, cucumber, cabbage, topped with potato, pineapple, cucumber, pan fried tofu, tempeh, boiled egg, topped with creamy Indonesian peanut sauce, crispy onion crackers & “kecap manis” sweet soy sauce

Asinan “Bogor” — 10
Refreshing salad of bean sprouts, cabbage, sweet potato, pineapple, tofu topped with peanuts, served with spicy sambal vinaigrette

“Java” Guac — 10
Sweet Potato topped with Guacamole

— Pastries —

Wingko Babat (Gluten Free) — 3.5
Javanese cake made with rice flour, grated coconut and coconut milk

Pisang Molen — 3.5
Indonesian favorite pastry filled with banana, cheese and chocolate chip

S'mores Cookie — 3.5
Chocolate Chip Banana Bread — 3
Chocolate Croissant — 3
Plain Croissant — 3
Chocolate Chip Cookie — 3.5

— Soup —

Soto Ayam — 10
Chicken, vermicelli, cabbage, boiled egg, potato in broth infused with ginger, kafir lime leaf, lemon grass & turmeric

Mie Ayam Jamur — 10
Indonesian dry ramen: Egg Noodle, chicken, mushroom, steamed vegetable, topped with fried shallots


— Entree —

Ayam Bakar “Bali” — 17
Grilled chicken marinated in galangal. ginger, sweet soy and garlic, topped with sambal matah and served with steamed vegetable and rice.

Ayam “Geprek” — 17
Crispy Chicken in spice paste of chili, tomato, ginger, shallot and garlic, hand pounded on a Javanese volcanic stone mortar, served with rice

Rendang — 18
Slow cooked beef or chicken in coconut milk, ginger, bay leaf, galangal, lemon grass, chili, served with steamed rice
(Chicken or Tofu Rendang options 16)

Nasi Goreng with Satay — 17
Indonesian fried rice with egg, cabbage, shallot, sweet soy sauce & sambal
(Choice of Chicken or Tofu Skewers)

Mie Goreng — 15
Pan-fried noodles cooked with sweet soy sauce, chili, egg, cabbage, shallot & garlic
(Choice of Chicken or Tofu)

“Rijsttafel” for Two — 56
Dutch for “Rice Table”, an elaborate tasting of fragrant coconut rice served on banana leaf, with beef rendang, Balinese chicken wings, egg balado, chicken satay with peanut sauce, sautéed vegetable, crispy tofu, sambal and kerupuk