Waste King Vs. InSinkErator: Which One Should You Buy?

Right now, we have multiple garbage disposals in the market. It makes it hard sometimes to pick the right model as you are not sure where to start. Well, today we want to look at Waste King and InSinkErator garbage disposal models. In the end, we will mention the best garbage disposal between these two models. Let us get into the comparison part already.

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Waste King

Waste King seems to be targeting a specific audience. This is because their garbage disposals tend to be more expensive than the InSinkErator models. Most of their garbage disposals would be around $150.

As for the motor, Waste King utilizes the PMM motors in them. This technology is slowly taking over, but it seems like you can only get induction motors in the InSinkErator models. The PMM motors can spin at a higher speed of up to 2800 RPM. This makes it easier to go through even the toughest food waste.

As for the grind chamber, there is nothing much to mention. It is like any other grind chamber that you can get with a garbage disposal. The quality of the parts is relatively standard for the price. For the stronger models, the manufacturer implemented them with stainless steel parts to live up to the power.

The noise level is still high like any other garbage disposal. Waste King has not done much over the years to reduce the noise level of their garbage disposals. However, it is worth mentioning that InSinkErator models are louder.

Waste King offers the clients a lot more options to choose from in terms of size. This is where the company struck gold as you can always have an easy time picking a model that fits well with your needs and kitchen size.


The price of any garbage disposal is always on the mind of any buyer. For this model, it comes with multiple series models. You can expect the price to start from $90 to $150 depending on a model and the features it has to offer. Comparing to Waste King, these models are lowly priced.

InSinkErator disposals come with a Dura-drive Induction motor. The motor is designed exclusively for handling food disposal. Although most companies are now switching to PMM motors, it seems like this one is still using the induction motors. The good thing about these motors is that they provide good accuracy and durability, making it a worthy investment.

As for the grind chamber, you will note that there is no much difference between the two. The InSinkErator comes with a Multi Grind design. This includes having a specialized grind ring, extra impellers, and a post-cutting disc. The result is that you end up with finest ground food waste better than expensive models.

When it comes to the noise level, for many they might find the InSinkErator garbage disposals to be quite loud. Well, most of disposals are loud because of the activity they have to do. Sound proofing costs a lot of money that might make some models to be a lot more expensive.

InSinkErator gives you the option of choosing from two lines of disposals depending on size. Both lines are long cylindrical garbage disposals with a vertical height from 11.5 to 12.6 inches. Depending on your needs, it should be easy to pick the right size.


So, which one should you buy? This is going to depend a lot on your needs. Both brands come with multiple garbage disposals that fit in various working conditions. We also find that Waste King is better in terms of motor technology. However, InSinkErator wins when it comes to the materials used to make the disposals and overall build quality. Take the time to check out several models from each brand to see which one would be great for you.

Offset Smoker Fire Management

The use of an offset smoker might be more effortful compared to the use of other types of smokers. Yet, the cooking results, of course, is more satisfying. The bulk of work lies in the offset smoker fire management. Thus, at the onset, it would be good to know some tips on how to manage its fire, especially, if it is your first time using an offset smoker.

Offset Smoker Fire Management

Simple Tips on Offset Smoker Fire Management

The fire management of offset smoker is a bit different from the fire management of other smokers and grillers. So, if you are new to the use of offset smoker, you will get a bit confused as to how to manage its fire. But the steps are basically the same. Here are the simple tips on how to manage properly the fire of offset smoker:

Light a Solid Starting Fire!

At the onset, you need a steady coal fire. So, you need to start the fire and keep a steady coal fire to keep the pit hot. Keep the firebox and the smokestack open to allow the fire to grow. Once the fire is already solid, you can put some logs or wood chips beside the burning charcoal to dry them out. Don’t close the damper and check the temperature of the cooking chamber.

Don’t Be Stingy with Your Charcoal!

The important thing about offset smoker is to keep the heat within the cooking chamber at a constant temperature for smoking. So, you need to be not stingy with charcoal. You should check the temperature of the cooking chamber every 15 to 20 minutes. If the temperature of the cooking chamber goes down, add more charcoal and spread the charcoal evenly across the firebox. You can also add another piece of wood if the temperature goes down. Let the firebox enclosure open until the chunk of wood has already caught fire. You should keep it open to allow oxygen to inflame the log and the charcoal. You should do this every time the temperature goes down.

Interchange the Position of the Meat!

The obvious thing about the use of the best offset smoker for 2019 is that the temperatures across the cooking chamber are not the same. The part that is nearest to the firebox usually has a higher temperature than the side of the cooking chamber farther away from the firebox. As such, the meat that you position near the firebox will cook first while the meat farther away from the firebox will be cooked slower. So, you should reposition the meat by interchanging their positions to balance the cooking process. You should also keep a tab of where you position the meat that you cook so that you would not get confused as to which are near the firebox or not at the onset.

Look at the Smoke!

The smoke that comes out of the offset smoker will surely be indicative of something. Thus, you should pay attention to its smoke. If the smoke that comes out of the vent is thick white smoke, it means that the wood may not be burning properly. To correct this problem, you can either allow a whiff of oxygen onto the firebox or you can poke into the fire to adjust the position of the wood. On the one hand, you can adjust the dampers to allow oxygen to go through the firebox. Remember, without oxygen, the fire will stop burning. On the other hand, you can adjust the position of the log by poking into it and repositioning it.


The offset smoker fire management requires meticulous monitoring on your part. You may, at the start, fail to manage properly the fire of the offset smoker. But as you get the hang of it, you will soon master it. You will soon find it easy to monitor the fire all throughout the cooking process. As long as you follow the abovementioned tips, you will soon find yourself enjoying the process of smoking food and you will get the perfect results of cooked food. Remember that experience is often the best teacher when it comes to the use of an offset smoker. But the abovementioned tips will surely help you have proper fire management of your offset smoker.