Located in Greenwich Village, Kopi Kopi is a Cafe and Ramen bar with an Indonesian twist.

Kopi Kopi opened in May 2013 and is located near Washington Square Park, in the heart of Greenwich Village.

Named after the Indonesian word for coffee, Kopi Kopi is a specialty coffee shop with a unique ambiance and a carefully curated selection of artisanal coffee.

We brew and craft each cup with soul and dedication to our Indonesian origins. Cultures and coffee grow and intertwine among Indonesia’s eighteen thousand islands, preparing a delightful blend of anima and flavor that we want our customers to experience. We deliver the finest coffees: sourced from Indonesia and locally roasted.

We are among the first cafes in New York City to use the award-winning Alpha Dominche Steampunk machine — a revolutionary new way to brew.

So come visit us!