6 Simple Ways to Make Mattress Firmer

A comfy mattress clearly holds the key to relaxing nights and with deep slumbers and without muscular pain when you wake up. While some consumers actively seek useful tips to soften their firm mattress, a too-soft mattress isn’t any less unpleasant.

In this article, I will show you simple ways and easy tips to make your mattress firmer.

Is firmness level important?

Firmness depends on how you feel and embrace it, so it’s a quite relative aspect we are discussing about. For example, if you are on the heavy side of the weight scale, the pressure you put upon the mattress certainly will surpass that of a thinner person. The more you weigh, the further you sink into the support tier and find it a little too soft for you. There are cases where heavier people sink too deeply they reach the poly foam or coil base layers and it feels firm enough, but this isn’t good for your spine. We aim to achieve the comfortable type of firmness, not just a solid surface.

The sleeper’s position is also something you would want to consider in regard to the level of firmness you need. Side sleepers will favor a softer mattress that supports the sinking points of shoulder and hip without reflecting the same pressure against them and even limiting the blood flow. Meanwhile, people who sleep flat on their front or back will need to keep their spinal alignment straight and avoid back aches, a firmer mattress can save them from being in an arched posture with shoulders and hips down. Keep these things in mind will help you to choose the right mattress in the beginning.

How to make mattress firmer?

how to make mattress firmer

Flip and rotate

The most obvious solution to your problem. It’s common for a mattress to be soft and sagging at areas that endure pressure and weight after being in use for a long period of time. Flip the mattress so the bottom surface becomes the top, or rotate it to change the position of the head and the foot, and the mattress usually regains most of its form and firmness.

Adjust the room’s temperature

If your mattress is made of memory foam, temperature will effect its firmness greatly. Plus, an environment with excessive heat is one of the causes to sagging and longevity shortening, you should try lower the temperature a bit using the air-conditioner and make sure the surface is to your liking.

Use a mattress topper

Surprise! A mattress topper doesn’t only add softness to a firm mattress, but also the other way around. The most popular one is memory foam or latex (if your mattress is too soft). Mattress toppers also come in various thicknesses, and it depends on whether you would like it to be just a little or remarkably thicker. Do specifically look for a topper though, because pads are much thinner and might not give you the needed firmness. Using a mattress topper is a very good and affordable way to improve your bed.

Gentle reminder: Mattress toppers mostly work out if the mattress isn’t sagging too much.

mattress topper can make mattress firmer
A firm topper can make mattress firmer

Give the mattress some sunshine

Aside from temperature, moisture is also a reason to the unwanted softness in your mattress, as its materials might absorb wetness from the atmosphere. This is likely to happen if your habitat is humid, somewhere close to the sea for example. You just need to bring the mattress outdoor and leave it under sunlight for rest of the day. A sunbathing session also kills off the bacteria, germs and mold resulted from the dampness.

Use additional support

Wear and tear might lead the coils of the box spring to deterioration and decrease the firmness, thus, a new one might solve the need of firmness just well.

Otherwise, provide a hard support with plywood will also work. Before you try this out, it’s better to check your manufacturer for guidelines because this might invalidate the warranty. The size of the plywood support should match the measurements of the mattress: too small and the edges are overhung, too large and the wood protruding might be dangerous. Don’t forget to smoothen the sharp edges for extra safety either!

Place it on the floor

If you don’t want to use plywood yet, this is perhaps the easiest trick to do, as the flat, solid floor will make anything soft feel firm. However, dirt and bugs are something you may want to take into consideration.

In conclusion

If all of these tips don’t do the magic, it might be mandatory to think of a new purchase to prevent the risks of body aches and stiffness. A healthy duration of slumber is around 8 hours per day, so you basically spend a third of your life sleeping, it’s only clever to invest an adequate amount of money in bedding and mattress.

Mattresses get softer as they are broken in and worn out, but in this article, we are mainly focusing on two primary causes of excessive softness: moisture and misplacement. If you pay enough attention, you can easily protect your mattress from them by treating it through efficient ways and utilizing suitable accessories.

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